Limited Lifetime Warranty: Backpack

BlackBriar cares about its customers. To ensure the best experience, BlackBriar offers a one-year Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects within the normal scope of use.

BlackBriar will replace any defective products within the scope of normal and appropriate use and still within the product's lifespan. However, BlackBriar will not be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages incurred because of loss or misuse of the product.


What Does Lifetime Warranty Mean?

When we refer to 'Lifetime' in our warranty, we mean the reasonable lifespan of the product's materials and components. While we strive to use high-quality materials that meet our standards, all materials have a lifespan and will eventually degrade.


Damages made during transit

BlackBriar is not responsible for damages caused by transit damage. If the product is damaged by an airline or transportation company, please contact the transport company immediately following the incident.